Most Effective Digital Marketing Options

There are a sea of ​​different marketing tools that make life easier when running an online business or business that also has an online presence and who doesn’t? And new tools and apps are constantly being added digital marketing companies, so it can seem overwhelming and perhaps difficult to choose which marketing tools to use and which ones are indifferent. We have been using a number of tools for many years. Both for ourselves, but also tools we use in working with our customers. Because we always test ourselves before we recommend a product or tool. So below you have a number of marketing tools that we are using right now and that we can give our warmest recommendations as they actually help to make the business better.

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SEO Tools

There are a number of tools that make it easier to optimize a website in terms of search engine rankings This is not an exhaustive list, but is the tools we use most in connection with an SEO Analysis and an SEO project. Using the best digital marketing tools is a wise choice in this case.


Moz is an American SEO tool that is a 1-shop service that contains everything an SEO man needs. You get an overview of the placement of your keywords in Google and other search engines (you choose) and the tool provides recommendations on how to improve individual pages so that they better hit specific keywords.

Your website will be “crawled” by Moz ‘spider and all the errors that may be on the site will be listed in Moz. It can be 404 errors, duplicate content, missing title and meta tags and more.

Finally, Moz has a great link tool where you can get recommendations for new links and compare with your competitors.


SEMRush is for me a new tool, although we have been aware of it for many years and also regularly used the free version. we have recently started using the paid function, but especially use the tool for analysis purposes – for example for new customers – where we think the tool is particularly powerful. 

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Screaming frog seo tool

So it’s called – Screaming Frog! It is a tool that you download and install on your local computer. It can read and trawl an entire website and give you invaluable information about all your content and the errors it may contain.

These can be links that do not work, 404 errors, redirects, title tags, headings and more. It can all be downloaded in a spreadsheet, so you can subsequently continue working here.

We especially use Screaming Frog in the analysis work on a new customer. There is also a free version, which is limited in the number of pages that can be read – we think it is 500.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is first and foremost a link tool that can provide valuable information about your and your competitors’ links. Links are a very important part of SEO and the tool helps to make your work easier. Find e.g. out which important websites your competitors have links from but which you do not have. Maybe here is some gold buried?

Google SEO Tools

And then of course there are some Google tools that are not to be missed.

Google Keyword Tool

It is difficult to do a keyword analysis without Google’s Keyword Tool. Here you will find the number of searches each month on the keywords you are interested in and at the same time Google can give you some other synonymous search terms that you may also use.